The car gives the freedom to move around without limit. You can plan your weekends better, visit your friends and family more often, be to your doctor’s appointment on time, and do multiple jobs in a day. Though we have public transportation, having a car becomes essential for most of us. 

If you are from rural places, you know how hard it is to be on time for any appointment or meeting when using public transportation. That’s where the car helps. The car gives freedom and takes out most stress. You don’t have to schedule your day based on transportation. You get a few more hours of sleep. Is not it great? But nothing comes free so does freedom. Your car gives you what you wanted, it is only fair when you give it back. Good car maintenance will help run freely for a long time. If you are a DIY person, this guide helps your car maintenance. 

Starts With the Front: Windshield, Wipers, and Tires

Let’s start with your car’s front. I know you everyone agree on the reason why we maintain a car is for our safety. One of the important maintenance you have to do on your car is to make sure the tires are good. If you are on your solo trip and find out the tires went bad but you have no one aside from you to help. It eventually makes you call an emergency auto service and costs you a lot of money. A regular tire air pressure checkup can eliminate this. 

Maintaining good tire pressure is important in car maintenance. Good tire pressure helps you with great fuel efficiency which cuts down gas expenses. It is better to do a tire checkup once a month.

After the tires, it is your windshield. To protect and keep your windshield, you must equip a better wiper blade. Choose the right type of wiper blades for your car. The ace mechanics suggest that replacing the wiper blades every six to eight months is important.

Another yearly checkup needed in the car is for your air filters. If your car has more than 100, 000 miles, you must check them annually.

Next, the monthly checkup you have to consider is the oil. If you drive regularly and the car has less than 100, 000 miles, a monthly oil checkup is needed. You will check the level of oil, if it is between the minimum and maximum range you are good to go, if it goes lower, you have to fill oil.

Knowing the basic car maintenance tasks will save labor fees but it is also important that you know when to call a mechanic. Sometimes your car needs better care from a professional. If you see a red light from the engine, and can’t deal with the sounds from braking pads, it is time to call a mechanic. 

You should find the right skilled, experienced, trustworthy, and reliable mechanic for your car. We at have them, give us a call and we will be right there to help you.