You don't want to tell your real estate agent about your impending divorce or your financial situation. Your agent may tell you that the property market is booming, even when it is not. They also may be trying to sell you on a location that they don't know, to know clicking here.

Avoiding discussing upcoming divorce or impending deadline to buy with real estate agent

While most real estate agents will not care about your financial situation, you should avoid discussing your impending divorce or impending deadline to buy with your real estate agent unless you are sure that the situation is unavoidable. Some agents may use these factors against you, making it more difficult for you to complete your transaction. Also, it may lead to an agent using a time crunch to push you to accept a lower price or waive contingencies sooner than you intended. In addition, some irresponsible agents may share this information with the seller's or listing realtor. If you are uncomfortable with this, it is best to avoid the agent and discuss your situation with your partner.